Body Language - HOP in the Mind - Prabhakar Shetty

Body Language coveys much more than you can imagine. To be successful in interpersonal communications, you need to pay very special attention to your body language and mannerisms. The best way to modulate body language is to improve your thought process and elimination of improper mannerisms. The aspects related to 'personal selling' are covered in 'HOP in the Mind'. For other aspects please refer to various books on 'Body Language'. To buy 'HOP in the Mind' visit >>

Movalip - Move, Burn and Prevent Stubborn Abdominal Fat

Image Stubborn Abdominal Fat Comes First , Comes Fast and Goes Last Movalip helps to Move , Burn and Prevent Abdominal Fat ; along with hypocaloric diet and even moderate exercise.

Andraiz T - Androgenic aid for muscle building, sarcopenia and erectile dysfunction

Image Andraiz T  Androgenic aid for muscle building, sarcopenia and erectile dysfunction Raises Testosterone, activates androgen receptors and improves muscle synthesis (anabolism). Aromatase Inhibition reduces conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen, preventing fat deposition Reduces Cortisol and Stress, thus reducing catabolism Andraiz T  is a unique combination of proven natural  Testosterone Enhancing  extracts along with natural  Aromatase   Inhibiting  extracts which are also having numerous  Antioxidant  compounds.  Andraiz T  activates the  androgen receptors  and helps to  gain lean body mass and muscle strength . Tongkat Ali  or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is a proven  Testosterone  to consistently  elevate Testosterone  levels (+37%),  enhance libido  and fertility. Tongkat Ali also has significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiaging properties. These aspects make it useful for men suffering from  erectile dysfun

Regain Credibility and Relevance of Pharma Marketing in India

Image abstract from ‘HOP in the Mind’ by Prabhakar Shetty During the early 1970s and early 1980s the concept of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) worked very well for the pharmaceutical salespersons. Communications were designed to project a USP which had a significant  ‘usage pull’  as described by Rosser Reeves. The major pharmaceutical companies were the pioneers or innovators and a significant number of their ‘brand names’ were mentioned in the text books. The therapeutic index of Sarabhai Chemicals or Parke-Davis were much sought-after by the medical profession as handy quick-reference books. The salespersons of such companies were welcomed by Doctors and the interactions were generally cordial or even jovial. The quality and performance of their products was consistent and reliable. Many of the companies providing authentic information had a very high  credibility .                                        Credibility Gap Coincid

How to integrate digital and traditional pharma marketing?

Excerpts from 'HOP in the Mind' by Prabhakar R Shetty, p 207 .   Pharma needs to speed up the integra ti on of digital technology into their marke ti ng mix by collabora ti ng with innovators and the medical profession. The digital technology innovators may know very li tt le about medicine, pharma marke ti ng and sales. Conversely, pharma people and the medical profession will have scant knowledge of emerging technology.   To emerge as winners in the over ‐ crowded scenario, the communica ti on must be precise, a tt en ti on grabbing, and address exis ti ng as well as unmet needs . The adapta ti on will involve training  of employees to harmonize with the other channels of communica ti on.   Many companies have used laptops or similar means to convey the audio ‐ visual message. It did help to draw a tt en ti on for a while, but the novelty wore off very soon. Many consider it equivalent to a television adver ti sement for a cosme ti c or toothpaste.